Universe United Domains or UUDomains.com has been in business since 2000.  We are part of First Advertising and Marketing Company (Est. in 1979). UUDomains.com is a provider of a whole range of Business, Internet and Financial Products and Services, as well as a premier reseller of Great Generic Domain Names.

Most of our domain names are generic terms that are used regularly in business. Your company can have a significant marketing and overall advantage over your competitors by owning your industry's Internet generic term.

Primarily we are in business to help companies grow...

From Generic .COM's to Internet and business financial services we are your one-stop center for business!

Our financial services are designed to help companies move forward. With direct access to Factoring, Asset Based Lending and Corporate Finance, these financial products can help bring your business plans to life; grab new opportunities; invest in new equipment, meet payroll or other expenses or simply negotiate better terms with your suppliers.

We hope to be of service to you and your company in the near future. Thank you for your visit and please enjoy our site!

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