Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring and receivables funding is an essential financial solution for companies that are seeking quick funding on their receivables/invoices. Our factoring group is part of the Corporate Factoring network, a full service factor offering a whole range of funding options that include factoring accounts receivable funding and purchase order financing. We have been helping companies with cash flow and working capital solutions for over 30 years.

Why wait 30-60-90 days or longer for your customers to pay you?
Factor your invoices and get the cash from your customers now. Not weeks or months from now. Typical advances are 90%-92%, and as high as 95%.

How much does it cost?
Our factoring fees are very very competitive and one of the lowest in the industry!
The fact is, we want to be your factor! So we will try to beat any other offer. And if you are factoring now, let's see if we can lower your factoring fees.  We will be happy to provide you with a proposal.

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Preferred Factoring - Understanding Your Cash Flow Issues
We understand the cash flow issues that you face and the need for a flexible solution to help you move your business forward.

Used on their own or to complement each other, we offer a range of proven financial solutions to help you not only improve your cash flow but get your business moving forward.  Cash to bring your business plans to life; grab new opportunities; invest in new equipment, meet payroll, meeting other expenses or simply negotiate better terms with your suppliers.

Factoring is actually healthy. Factoring is an essential financial tool for companies to maintain a steady cash flow. With factoring, you focus on what you do best; product quality, sales, customer service and growth, and we focus on what we do best, factoring, and assuring your steady cash flow to continue.

Our factoring services includes:
Domestic and International Factoring
Invoice Discounting
Selective Factoring
Receivables Funding
Trade Finance
PO Funding / Purchase Order Financing
Export Funding
Receivables servicing and collections are also available

With Factoring, the strengths are in your accounts receivables and the ability of the company to generate eligible sales - not time in business or financial condition. And, with factoring you are not creating debt.
We hope to be of service to you and your company in the near future. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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