Asset Based Lending

Our asset based lending (ABL) services offer many flexible financial solutions to companies that are in need of funding. Our receivables line of credit offer a funding option that can be structured to fit the client's working capital needs.   And with our asset based lending program, companies will have access to financing leveraging their receivable, equipment, inventory, commercial real estate and other business assets.

Our funding options are flexible and in some cases even help companies after being turned-down by their bank for funding. Receivables and term loan facilities include:

Credit lines secured with accounts receivables
Factoring and invoice discounting
Equipment leasing - financing - sale-leasebacks
Inventory loans and asset-based facilities


Credit facilities tailored to fit specific credit requirements
Combination solutions that include factoring plus a line of credit / term loan
Term loans secured with equipment or asset-based facilities
Inventory loans and working capital facilities to help improve efficiency
Commercial real estate funding


The company would have to be in business for at least two years

Meet DSCR / FCCR underwriting requirements

Credit approval

Final underwriting written approval

Other standard requirements for a ABL financing apply.